How to Install and Use Stickers Packs App for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messenger apps available globally. This app is available as free to download and install and use on multiple devices including Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktops as well. This app can be used on almost all the major Operating Systems (OS). With advanced and multiple features, This app surged in popularity ever since it was introduced and now has over a billion users worldwide.

What Functionalities WhatsApp Offers?

WhatsApp allows you to send text and voice messages, Make voice and video calls, Along with share images, User locations, Documents and share Audio and Video and different file formats. Continuing on its path to introduce and provide several interesting and engaging features for the users to enhance their conversation over WhatsApp, The makers added emojis and GIFs features, And now you can also make use of stickers.

WhatsApp Stickers

Moving over emojis and GIFs, Stickers for WhatsApp provides an all-new and exciting way to engage in conversations over your device, Expressing dynamically what you want you to convey. WhatsApp stickers are basically pictures that can be in the form of animals, Specific characters, Man, Woman, Movie stars, Cartoon characters, Certain objects, And much more. These can be expressive in their basic form or can be associated with a text or dialogue which helps you to share your feelings or say what you want to in a way that is not possible with text.

You can find some WhatsApp stickers already installed by default. But as the sticker feature offered by WhatsApp has limited, You can use the third-party WAStickers App that will provide you with an enormous collection of stickers covering a wide range of options and categories.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Stickers Packs App?

Downloading and installing WhatsApp Stickers Packs is so easy. All you need is to follow the steps given below :

1- Download the latest version APK file from the box given below :

Download WAStickers Pack Latest Version

Version 2.00 – Size 58MB

Mirror Download

2- After downloading the app, Move to your device’s download folder, Click on the APK file to start the implementation process.

3- Now the WAStickers Mix app is installed on your device. You can open the app to see which sticker packs it contains, And to choose the stickers pack you want to add to your WhatsApp

How to Use WhatsApp Stickers Packs?

After adding the stickers pack you want from WAStickers Mix application, Follow the next steps to share and use the stickers with your friends and family :

  1. Open your WhatsApp and go to any individual or group chat.
  2. Tap on the ‘smiley’ located left to the text input box.
  3. Now, along with emoji and GIFs icon, You will see a third icon which is for the stickers.
  4. Find the sticker you want to send, Tap on that to share it in your chat.

So, using the sticker feature in WhatsApp is pretty easy and simple, And provides you with a plethora of images that give a new twist and touch of fun to your chats.

WAStickers App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the App Safe to Download and Install?

Yes, WAStickers application is completely safe to download and install on your device.

How Can I View the Recently Used Stickers?

Once you open the stickers section in a chat, Tap Recents on the left to view your recently used stickers.

Can I Make a Sticker Favorite?

Yes, Easily. All you need is to tap and hold the sticker you want to add to favorites then click on add. You can view your favorite stickers by clicking on the ‘star’ icon alongside the ‘Recents’ icon.

How Can I View My Entire Stickers Packs I Have Added?

Tap on then tap on ‘My Stickers’ tab which will show the complete list of packs you have downloaded.

How Can I Delete a Sticker Pack?

Tap on, Go to ‘My Stickers’ find the pack you want to delete, Tap on the ‘Delete’ icon.

How Can I Update WAStickers App?

You will get notification from Playstore when we release a new update also you can visit this page to find if there is any new updates or beta version. Also, You will receive monthly updates of WhatsApp Stickers Packs App, So you know you will be presented with a lot of interesting and exciting new additions that will enhance the way you engage in conversation and chats.