How to Install and Use GBStickers Packs App for GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a similar version of WhatsApp that has the same interface as the normal version, It contains all the features and functionalities of that and can be used in a similar way. But what makes GBWhatsApp a better choice for users is its advanced functionalities, Features, And capabilities.

Integrated with lots of additional functions and features, Along with the customizable approach, GBWhatsApp helps you do more and get more than what you can with official WhatsApp. You can send large size media files, Send more images at once, Hide double tick, Lastseen, Copy other people’s statuses and do much more.

GBWhatsApp Stickers

Stickers are the newest added feature in official WhatsApp, And the users who are using GBWhatsApp can also leverage the benefits and excitement stickers offers while chatting with someone. However, You are not limited to the stickers the GBWhatsApp account offers. You can get more stickers in multitudes of categories and all that in simple steps using GBStickers App.

How to Download and Install GBStickers Packs for GBWhatsApp

GBStickers Packs app can be downloaded and installed on an Android device only and can be used only on GBWhatsApp account.

1- Download the GBStickers App APK file from the box given below:

Download GBStickers Pack Latest Version

Version 2.00 – Size 58MB

Direct Download

Mirror Download

2- Check the downloaded file in your device’s download folder, Tap on that to install like any other app.

3- Once the installation is complete, You can check that the app will appear alongside other apps on your device.

4- Open the app to see the range of stickers it offers. Remember, These stickers packs will be added to your GBWhatsApp account after you clicked on add buttons.

How to Use GBStickers Packs with GBWhatsApp?

  1. Open GBStickers App, Click on Add button to add the stickers pack you want.
  2. Open your GBWhatsApp and move to any individual or group chat where you want to send a sticker.
  3. On the left of the text box, You will find an emoji icon tap on it.
  4. To the right of the emoji and GIFs icon, There will be the third icon. This is the stickers icon. Tap on that.
  5. Now pick the sticker you want, Tap on it to send it to the chat window.

GBStickers App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Find This App on Google Play Store?

No, This app is not available on Google Play Store. You can easily download this from the box given above.

Is This Pack Can Be Used With Official WhatsApp?

No, This app is specifically developed to work with GBWhatsApp and not other WhatsApp’s.

Is the App Free and Safe to Use?

Yes, You can download and install this app without paying any money and this app is completely safe to use on your Android device.

How Can I Add a Sticker to Favorite?

Tap on the sticker and hold and then tap Add, to add it to your favorites.

How Can I Delete a Stickers Pack I No Longer Intend to Use?

Tap on the Stickers icon, Then move to “MY STICKERS” tab and then to the right of the pack you want to delete, You will find a ‘delete’ icon. Tap on this icon to delete the stickers pack.

How Can I Update the GBStickers App?

As we continuously strive to provide you with enhanced and advanced features along with a wide range of new stickers packs, We provide monthly updates to our GBStickers Packs app, Which you can check it by visiting our site.